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Students sometimes ask me why I never went to law school even though I have the test scores and GPA to get into the best programs. My answer is always that my passion is entirely in helping other students achieve their own goals. I love the LSAT, and I love helping others develop the critical thinking skills necessary to do well on the LSAT and in law school. Maybe I’m just being selfish, but I’ll leave it to others to become lawyers, while I devote myself entirely to what I love.

Wait, so you’re not a lawyer?

Nope, and I’m proud of what that allows me to bring to my LSAT tutoring. I have a background in psychology and education, as well as a long career in test prep. This means I know how people learn, I know how to teach, and I intimately know the standardized testing world.

You’ll find other tutors who scored well on the LSAT, got their law degree, and now tutor LSAT on the side while practicing law. These tutors can be great in providing you advice for your L1 year or for bar prep, but not all of them are actually good at teaching. They may be great at working through LSAT problems (sometimes using very idiosyncratic methods), but may not always know how to scaffold students towards solving problems quickly, accurately, and independently.


Why do you teach LSAT?

I started out as an SAT tutor back in 2003, capitalizing on the 10-points-from-perfect SAT score I worked hard to earn in high school. As I got deeper into test prep, I took on more tests such as the ACT and GRE. I took my first LSAT practice test in 2010 while helping to proctor an LSAT practice test event for a major test prep company, and I was hooked. As I prepped more over the next few months, I appreciated the precision logic of the test, and I enjoyed puzzling out the games. I raised my score to a 176, then started teaching the test. (I was able to top that score later on the July 2019 test, getting a 177 on the first ever digital version of the test.)

I continue to specialize in LSAT partly because I love it, and partly because of the value proposition that strong LSAT prep holds for students. None of the other tests I’ve tutored have had the same return on investment for students. The LSAT is not only the most important part of your application, but is also the part that you have the most control over. Improving your LSAT score has a huge impact on where you get in and how much scholarship money you are offered. When even a one point LSAT score increase can translate into $10,000 in scholarship money, I have no doubt that my work is adding tremendous value for my students.

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