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A note on how to use these resources:

The Powerscore Bibles are the industry standard for LSAT prep, and they are thorough. So much so that students sometimes have a hard time wading through them. You’ll want to master the content in these books, but not at the expense of actually putting things into action on actual LSAT questions.

Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning is a good alternative to Powerscore for the LR section. Some students find that the explanations in this book resonate more with them, which helps them to learn better.

The prep tests in the 60s are generally great tests to start with. Use a few as untimed practice to make sure you’re working on developing correct reasoning processes. Add timed practice once you get the hang of things. The LSAT is about balancing speed and accuracy, and you need to develop both.

Whatever you do, do NOT just burn through prep test after prep test. Be sure to spend ample time reviewing to make sure you are always learning from your mistakes.


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