One-on-one Online Tutoring

Feeling overwhelmed?

Whether you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to self-study or have found limited success in a one-size-fits-all group course, individual tutoring can help you make rapid progress toward your goals.

With private tutoring, we can diagnose exactly what areas you need to work on. We can then work on building your skills in ways that reflect how YOU think. 

How it works

I strongly believe in customization, so I never require that my tutoring students do a set number of hours with me or follow a pre-set curriculum. Most of my students meet with me once or twice a week for either an hour or 1.5 hours at a time. We meet together online using Zoom and work through LSAT materials together using an online interactive whiteboard. You’ll receive the notes after each session, and can even record the sessions for later review if you want. 


I schedule students on a session-by-session basis, which means you’ll never be required to purchase more hours than you need.

I invite you to compare prices with the big LSAT prep companies, which not only typically charge 2-4 times as much per hour but also lock you into expensive multi-hour packages without even being able to guarantee that you’ll be matched with a veteran tutor.


Convenience of online

Rest assured that you’ll never have to sit in traffic to make it to our lessons. Use the time you would have wasted commuting to get in more LR questions. Online tutoring gives you more flexibility with scheduling and ensures that you can meet with a highly qualified tutor no matter your location.


Custom study plans

After each session, I’ll send you a customized study plan for the week. We’ll make sure the plan aggressively targets your goals, but we’ll also make sure it’s actually doable given your schedule. This service is also available separately, but comes free with tutoring.


Suddenly feeling extra anxious? Completely bugged by a logic game that just can’t wait until our next session? I’ll do my best to reply to your email or text as soon as possible to give you the moral support you need.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not sure yet whether online tutoring will work for you? I offer a satisfaction guarantee for the first session. It’s important to me that I only work with students who feel we’re a good match, so if you’re not 100% satisfied after the first session, the session fee will be completely refunded.

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